Good fish are always pricy even at the market, so whatever we offer should be good, as we go to the fish market every single morning to check it out.


Although fish prices are always expensive, there are valuable fish at a reasonable price sometimes and you can find them if you go to the fish market everyday.

That is our role to do so and yours is to see what they are today.

We buy premium fish locally, and premium fatty tuna, salmon, sea urchin and ikura as well are not available in this area, so they are brought from Tsukiji fish market to ensure the quality of fish we offer.

For example, when you order a sushi bowl at Uogashi 7070 called "Kaisen-don", you will find it the same quality as ordering Kaisen-don at Tsukiji fish market, or even better.




About Us

One of the reasons why Uogashi 7070 started this service was because there were a lot of complaints that there are only a few choices of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish and genuine Japanese food, eventhough Naoshima is located in the Inland Sea of Seto.  UOGASHI means fish market and 7070 could be read as Naoshima in Japanese.

Uogashi 7070 believes that the most of the tourists want to enjoy both sightseeing and eating good food in Naoshima as they are always a pair of pleasure when traveling.



Not only fish but meats are Japan's representing quality at our place.


We prepare premium A5 ranked Japanese beef called "Wagyu" as well.

Also, wild boar which are caught by local hunters in Naoshima are also offered at our facility.

Boar tastes similar to the well known cerdo Iberico de Bellta, and that is amazing.

Thus, we try to create a place where you can experience everything that Japan has.




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